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Order 2-ME-MAF -methyl-MAF online

Order 2-methyl-MAF online, also called 2-methyl-MAF as well fentanyl. Is a powerful opioid that is a very close analogue to the fenantyl family of synthetic opioid products.

It is also think to be nearly identical. Chemically, to the better know F-uF, and as such is seeing some popularity as a designer drug.2-ME-MAF for sell online.

Order 2-methyl-MAF online | Buy 2-ME-MAF online

Pharmacology: 2-ME-MAF has not yet been thoroughly test yet. But if it is a close analogue to Fu-F. It can be expect to have similar side effects – namely nausea, itching of the skin and even a potentially dangerous respiratory depression – a tendency to cause difficulty in breathing. As the latter is likely to be stringer in the presence of alcohol, the combination could even be deadly.2-ME-MAF for sell online.


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