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4-aco-dmt usa Vendor online or O-Acetylpsilocin. 4-high-temperature-DMT, or Psilacetin. psychedelic tryptamine. 4-AcO- DMT – acetylate form of psilocybin fungi alkaloid psilocin and lower homologue 4-AcO-DET, 4-AcO-MIPT and 4-AcO-DIPT. The chemical was develop by David Nichols as an alternative to psilocybin for pharmacological studies, as they are both consider prodrugs of psilocin. Structural similarities with psilocybin and psilocin results in a profile with an identical subjective effect. Therefore three compounds feel no different from each other. This allows 4-AcO- DMT as an ideal substitute for psilocybin fungi.4-AcO- DMT. Its several analogues were patent on January 16, 1963, “Sandoz” Ltd. Owners: Albert Hofmann and Franz Troxler. Buy 4-aco-dmt online usa.

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| O-Acetylpsilocin Vendor online.

4-AcO-DMT or 4-high-temperature N.

N-dimethyltryptamine is a synthetic indole alkaloid molecule of the tryptamine class.

Triptamines the proportion of the basic structure, consisting of the bicylic heterocycle indole. Is place in R3 to the amino group through the side chain of the ethyl.Buy 4-AcO-DMT.4-AcO – DMT is replace by R4 of its indole heterocycle with the high-temperature (AcO) functional group CH3COO-. It also contains two methyl groups, CH3. Jump to the amine RN terminal of its vertebrate tryptamine (DMT). 4-AcO- DMT-acetate ester analog of psilocin and an N-substitute methyl homolog of 4-AcO-meth.
Psilacetin vendor ( Buy 4-aco-dmt online usa ).

Action: It is believe that 4-AcO-DMT psychedelic effects come from its effectiveness on the 5-HT2A receptor as a partial agonist. However, the role of these interactions and how they led into the Psychedelic experience continues to be elusive.Buy 4-AcO-DMT online.

In the body, 4-AcO-DMT / psilacetin is thought to be deacetylate in psilocin during the first pass of the metabolism and subsequent passes through the liver (obviously as psilacetin is also active when injected). Moreso, has not been proven formally, however, on the basis of reports that most users can not tell the difference between these two compounds when they enter the body to the point that they are often viewed as being no different from each other in terms of their subjective consequences.

There are, however, claims of subjective differences in strength between acetylate and non-acetylate forms of psilocin.Some users report that 4-AcO-DMT lasts a little longer than psilocin while the other report, it lasts for a significantly shorter time. Many users report less body weight and nausea. Compared to psilocin. Some users believe that the visual distortion of the production of 4-AcO- DMT more closely resembles those produced by DMT than psilocin. These differences may be possible if 4-AcO-DMT itself. And not just as a pro-drug. Buy 4-AcO-DMT.

Furthermore 4-AcO-DMT and all other designer drugs sold on this website are for research and legal applications. 4-AcO- DMT is a designer drug of tryptamine type with physiological apparent. Psychoactive effects and has the molecular formula C14H18N2O2 • HCl.The weight of the formula has a cost of 282.8g.- mol.
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