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What is 5-meo-dalt?

5–MeO–DALT or N, N-diallyl-5-methoxy tryptamine is a psychedelic tryptamine. It is structurally related to tryptamines like 5-MeO-DiPT and DALT, although it is reported to produce distinct effects.
What is the molecular formula of 5-meo-dalt?

The molecular formula of 5-meo-dalt is C17H22.N2O.
What is the average mass of 5-meo-dalt?

The average mass of 5-meo-dalt is 270.369 Da.
What is the usage of 5-MeO-DALT?

5-MeO-DALT is a synthetic psychedelic. It is incredibly uncommon with nearly no history of human use.
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