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Buy Psilocybe semilanceata online: Psilocybe semilanceata, commonly acknowledged in the UK because of the Magic Mushroom, and inside the u.s.a. as Liberty Cap, appears in grassland in autumn. it’s far maximum normally located on pasture and parkland that has not been enriched with artificial fertilizer.


Pretty common in Britain and Ireland, in which it’s far rather localized, Psilocybe semilanceata happens at some stage in Europe and is found additionally in North the us.


Psilocybe, the genus name, way ‘smooth head’ – a reference to the silkily smooth, scaleless floor of caps of those grassland mushrooms. The specific epithet semilanceata comes from semi- meaning ‘half and -lancet because of this ‘spear-fashioned’. some of these little mushrooms do certainly appear to be speared, even though many have wiggly stems uncharacteristic of spear shafts.

The commonplace call Magic Mushroom is, of course, a connection with the hallucinogenic nature of this grassland species

Psychoactive alkaloid content

This species incorporates the compound psilocybin. because this substance, which takes place in Magic Mushrooms and a few related fungi, occasionally reasons alarming signs and symptoms inclusive of vomiting, stomach pains, and anxiety assaults, Liberty Caps are possibly pleasant handled with caution (some humans even decide to treat them as poisonous).

Its miles beyond our expertise that it’s far unlawful to own or promote psilocybin within the UK. As of July 2005, fresh psilocybin mushrooms at the moment are also managed. They’re handled in UK regulation in the same way as dried magic mushrooms, because whether or not fresh or dried they have the same magnificence A drug repute as Heroin, LSD, and Cocaine.

Taxonomic history

This species became first described in 1838 via the notable Swedish mycologist Elias Magnus Fries, who named it Agaricus semilanceatus. (most of the gilled mushrooms were protected, to begin with within the genus Agaricus!) In 1871 German mycologist Paul Kummer transferred this species to the genus Psilocybe, renaming it Psilocybe semilanceata. The etymology of this name is primarily based on bodily features: the customary call Psilocybe means ‘clean head’, even as semilanceata method ‘half spear formed.

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